Sunday, November 18, 2012

Juniors on National Portfolio Day

On NPD I showed my portfolio to several art and design colleges and got much feedback. My portfolio consisted of several illustrated pieces and much more mixed media art work like print-making and charcoal self portraits. The first school I went to was Pratt. They told me I should work on more large scales because my large self-portrait was great and that I should work with charcoal more because my contrast is pretty good. Parsons told me I was an illustrator and told me to work with more colors.   Otis College of Art and Design recommended that I work on more large scales because I am very good with it and my design is pretty amazing. Overall I learned that to build my portfolio I need more large scales, work with charcoal more and use more mediums like watercolor and acrylic paint. ---Richard Supriano

On National Portfolio Day I went to SUNY Purchase, Parsons, and Rhode Island School of Design. When I went to Purchase to get my work critiqued and reviewed the guy said that I needed to work on more things in graphic design since that is what I am interested in. For example I need to work in typography more and I need to focus on things that I am really interested in. Overall both the representatives from RISD and Otis said that I am in a good position in terms of having my portfolio ready for college since I am a junior in high school. --- Jaire Berkel

During my time at the NPD I was able to encounter a lot of colleges get my works of art critiqued and to learn what I needed to improve on. I met with a lot of schools such as Pratt, Parsons and SUNY Purchase. I was told that I should use other mediums such as watercolors or pastels because the majority of my work was done in acrylic paint.  I was also told that my portfolio should have other works of art I have done outside of school so I can show that art is not just something I do in class but something I enjoy doing. I got a lot of advice that I believe will better my art work and portfolio in the future. --- Nicole Peña

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