Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free Arts NYC and A-List

Free Arts NYC is an organization that provides under-served children and families with a unique combination of educational arts and mentoring programs that help them to foster the self-confidence and resiliency needed to realize their fullest potential. They visited us to offer volunteering places for our junior scholars to start gaining more experience in jobs related with art and community helping.

A-List is an organization that provides SAT/ACT courses and training to schools or any educational institutions. They have come to us to offer classes to our scholars so they can be more prepared for their SAT exams

Thursday, December 8, 2011

iMovie and After Effects workshop

Junior Scholars were learning some iMovie and After Effects skills in order to edit their Halloween Horror Movies.  We hope these skills contribute to each scholar abilities and to future projects.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Word Scramble Champs!

One of our wonderful Mentors, Deja Holden, took the college process to the next level when she created a word scramble to test the Junior Scholars knowledge on topics covered these past few months. As Juniors the scholars are exposed to the college application process early - so that they'll be ahead of the game come senior year.

Check out our recent World Scramble Champs!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Information Session: National Portfolio Day!

On Saturday, November 5th the Junior Scholars had their eyes opened to a larger perspective of things - critics. To be more exact, National Portfolio Day. Scholars immediately compared this to the College Fair, but they were soon brought to light by Morgan Ersey (of Parsons Admissions) to the key points and tips of National Portfolio Day.

The Junior Scholars were informed on how their portfolios should be put together, how it should be organized, and more importantly how to get information and constructive feedback from the schools' representatives.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Italian Vogue!

This month, Vogue Italia featured the glasses design of Parsons Scholar alum Thi Wan (and current Parsons junior).
Keep up the good work, Thi-- we're proud of you!

Scholars + Alumni, remember to keep us posted on your accomplishments!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Portfolio Day Prep

Parsons mentors and coordinators helped junior scholars to select their best art pieces, took pictures of them and advised the scholars about how important is to attend to the National Portfolio Day.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

National Portfolio Day

On Sunday, November 13th, the scholars attended the annual National Portfolio Day. The top art and design schools were in attendance along with their prospective students. The art schools that the scholars really wanted to see included Pratt, SUNY Purchase, FIT, SVA, and of course, Parsons. The students were able to get some positive feedback on their work as well as advice and tips to strengthen their portfolios so that the next time around, their portfolios will be stronger then ever.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Now recruiting high school sophomores!

For more info attend one of our info sessions.
Details listed on the poster (designed by Scholar Alum, Thi Wan).
Application available on our website.

Spread the word!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Young Artist: Bryan Urea

Scholar Bryan Urea recently had an amazing experience. He opened Paper Magazine the other day and saw his work in the magazine! The young artist has an entire spread featuring himself and his work. Congratulations Bryan!! Please see his images below and in the magazine.

From Parsons Scholars

Horror Films!

Halloween is finally here - a holiday of spooks and frights, however, this day came early for our junior scholars. On the twenty-ninth of October the scholars gathered 'round in room 201 for a small introduction on how to use their fancy HD Video Cameras. After the introduction the scholars were split into 3 groups and given some masks, props, make-up, and a camera. Each of them were sent off to utilize the school as their domain for their film. The scholars went around the school and only had 20 - 30 minutes to create their plot, storyboard, and film. After the scholars were done with their small project they ventured off into the computer labs to edit their films together and create their small horror flick!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Crossword Puzzle Madness.

The junior scholars gather in the morning to break bread with one another and also partake in Crossword Puzzle Madness!

Photographed below are some of our winners!

The juniors are taking their college knowledge to the next level by participating in these word games to up their college vocab and knowledge of important topics for college.
The sea of students that attended the Big Apple College Fair.

The scholars checking out some of the college information.
A representative from Cooper Union giving information to the scholars.

Big Apple College Fair

On Saturday October 22nd, the scholars attended the Big Apple College Fair. At the fair, the scholars were able to visit a variety of colleges and gain an idea of where they want to study. While following some of the scholars around, I could tell that they really learned a lot about how to ask the right questions when considering schools. Some of the scholars even went around to some schools a second time to get more information. Good job, guys!

The college fair was very busy and people from all over the city were in attendance. Overall, I could tell that the scholars learned a lot about some of the colleges that they were interested in. It was an insightful and fun experience. See you guys on Saturday!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Saturday October 15th

Scholars researching Colleges

Mentors helping Scholars find information about Colleges.

On Saturday the 15th of October, the Scholars continued their research of finding out College and University Facts on CollegeBoard and websites like it. They researched school stats about Eugene Lang College, Parsons and a University or College of their choice. After finding this information, the scholars all participated in Pictionary Game about the College Application Process.
After this game, the scholars were introduced to a project they would be working on throughout their Semester, a social media project that they would develop to inform their peers on information about the College process, the ideas that they brainstormed were great.
I hope to learn more information soon, see you all Saturday!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Portfolio Redefined

Saturday was a very educational day for high school students from all over the city. They had the chance to learn about Parsons Admission, the Parsons Challenge and how to organized their portfolio for college. Students were able to brainstorm ideas for their Parsons Challenge and to get feedback on them. They had the opportunity to speak to experts about any concern they had and also were able to socialize with other students with the same interests as their own.
What a productive day!!!!

Great Work!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It all begins now!

Its the second week here at Parsons. The Juniors are learning and preparing for College with the help of crossword puzzles and a presentation by Nadia Williams. The Juniors were introduced to their new best friend, College Board. They were able to start their first search based on their general interests. Exploring the world of College Board through given assignments by their Coordinators Shola and Yashua. Have fun with your research guys!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Our scholars are back! Getting together again for their classes on Saturday and working hard as always, but enjoying it as well. Besides enjoying their classes the students met once again at 2W 13th Street's 4th floor (Common Room) and gobbled their traditional Saturday pizza. Gobbling and catching up with one another the scholars enjoyed their lunch and were introduced to their mentors. Eventually the scholars broke off into their different groups and both went to different workshops. Stacy's group went to a College Admissions Workshop with Morgan - who spoke about different aspects of applying to Parsons. He also provided them with insight on how to tackle the Parsons Challenge. Whereas Yashua and Shola's scholars went to see a presentation on Groundswell by Tanya Frable who spoke to the scholars about this amazing opportunity and the meaning of murals in New York City. The scholars have had their eyes opened to these new opportunities - now its only time to see how far they'll take them.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer Jam!

Had a great time with the now Junior Scholars today. A photographer came out and took head shots for these amazing artists and gave them pointers on how to improve the look of their pieces for their portfolios.

What a great day!

We ate a little, we danced a little, and we were merry!

Check out the pics below. And special thanks to Kia Chenelle for the pictures, workshops, and time. Check her out on twitter @MsChenelle.

 Yashua checking out the portfolios.

 Shola going over how the Scholars can use Carbonmade to make on-line portfolios.

 Group picture!

 Scholars' work.

 Yashua putting up work to be photographed.

Making art.

 Scholars' work.

Kia our awesome photographer.