Saturday, March 24, 2012

Senior Scholars Featured on the Beyond Bullets Webpage

The Parsons Scholar Senior Beyond Bullets Design Team was featured on the Beyond Bullets homepage! We're so happy to see their hard work is being recognized. Keep up the awesome work, scholars!

"These young designers hit the ground running. Our initial meeting was meant to be a basic introduction, but the students wasted no time. They started brainstorming instantly. We discussed gun violence, gun access, poverty and peer pressure. They started thinking about how to reach their peers with a message of non-violence. They've been researching effective campaigns and studying the issue from every angle."

Check it out here!

Survey for Sophomores

Sophomore Scholars:
Please take a minute to fill out this survey to help us keep track of your interests, goals and activities:


Friday, March 23, 2012

Fountain Art Fair

On March 10, the sophomore scholars went on a fieldtrip to the Fountain Art Fair where they were able to see different kinds of art-making, which they were excited to learn about and looked forward to trying. Below are some of their experiences and reactions to this day.

Abigail Carrillo
Here in the Fountain Arts Fair, I seriously was about to scream like a little girl and run around in order to see everything. However, being the responsible teenager I am, I kept in my inner geek and calmly observed and talked to the artists. I was very impressed, for their chosen media seemed hard to control. Their work inspired me to become greater and better in mastering and understanding art and its different media.

Maryia Trukhan
Today’s trip to Rush Arts Gallery was very amazing and exciting. I traveled among different art areas. I got the chance to see how differently people can express their ideas. My favorite station was where an artist painted on human models. It’s incredible the way he mixed people with his drawings. I enjoyed walking from one station to another and talking about each of them with my classmates. It’s really great to listen when the artists share their opinions with you.

Saul Jean Charles
I believe that this gallery was really amazing! There were a lot of paintings and pictures that related to me, but it was creepy at some points. There were paintings of people standing up, which I loved, and also models who were being spray-painted. It was an incredible experience that I want to keep having for every gallery I go to.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Museum of the Moving Image

On March 3rd, the Sophomore Scholars went on a trip to visit The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. They really enjoyed the museum, as noted in their reflections below.
Stephanie Li:
            The Museum of the Moving Image was amazing. I enjoyed most of their animation work but only one caught my attention. The animation that got my interest was the oscilloscope. It spun and spun and spun. It went from the liquid-like thing, came out from the drain, then turned into a blimp, then broke down through fingers, then though and envelope and finally the envelope folded and fell into the trash. At first I asked myself whether it was real or fake but it turns out they were objects spinning. I just left the room amazed and ecstatic.

Shalisia Johnson:
            The trip to The Museum of the Moving Image was awesome! I don’t usually draw directly from my imagination because my ideas don’t come out accurately on paper. However, the trip today inspired me loads. It opened up a whole new door of creativity for me. I think now I am ready to find my personal art style and let all my ideas out. I know it will make my art more interesting and as creative as the wonderful art I was able to view today. I’m very thankful for this trip and had an unforgettable experience!

Dyreek Brathwaite:
            My day at the Museum of the Moving Image was great. I thought it would be boring but I enjoyed it a lot. I saw the evolution of the camera and the microphone. I also saw the first fame ever made being played. There was also the evolution of the gaming consoles. I leaned that video games are considered art now.