Sunday, March 28, 2010

First work day at Brookdale hospital!

Jaime's illustration class has been given the great opportunity to create several murals for the Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.
Our first steps took place in Parsons where the class created their sketches and later painted them. (Look for the images under the "Brookdale hospital mural project" link).
After visiting the hospital for the first time and returning this past weekend, we had a better sense of how much work was to be placed onto the murals. Most importantly, we realized how much this meant for the patients who watched the whole day as the students sketched their concepts onto the walls.

The waiting room section of the project (below)
Andrea working on the first wall families will see when they enter the waiting room.
Roza and Yang discussing their Fall themed wall.
Genesis and Guillermo in the waiting room working on their Summer themed mural.

The Hallway section of the project (below)

We've got the whole hallway at the pediatrics center!!! There's a lot of work ahead!
Dudley working on his basketball themed wall.
Dytique also working on his basketball themed wall.
Dane drawing with his partner, Francisco.

Francisco incorporating the fountain into the mural.
Alexandria going over the painting sketch made earlier in the semester with her partner, Bijay.

Alexis and Nicole working on their wall.
Nicole working on her details

Brought to us by Peter and Chris, the students in Jaime Arredondo's illustration class take a well deserved break from working on their walls.

After lunch...
The class visits each others walls throughout the pediatrics center.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

SAT Prep

Scholars began their second day, first work day, of SAT prep classes March 6th. Scholars received work packets and started getting useful information on the SAT's.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pulse Contemporary Art Fair

On Sunday, March 7th, Parsons Scholars enthusiastically joined artists, art dealers, and collectors from all over the world at the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair. After meeting at Parsons, the Scholars, Ananda, and Joelle ventured downtown to West Houston to spend a couple hours exploring a multitude of exhibitions at the annual fair. The Scholars had a great opportunity to see not just new and fascinating art and artists and gain inspiration, but to observe firsthand the way the fine arts world works.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday Academy Classes

Each Saturday morning, Parsons Scholars join students from the greater NYC area for art and design classes in their areas of interest as students in the Pre-College Academy program.

Here, students work on this week's task in their Graphic Design class taught by graphic designer/artist/Parsons adjunct professor Steven Kennedy.

Teams of 2 students had 2 hours to design & produce a 3-dimensional object, to be presented with a design statement. Each team was given 15 pieces of 6x10" card stock and a penalty was issued for for not using all 15 pieces.
Above, Christina and Grace demonstrate the rewarding outcome of teamwork.
Here, Teaching Assistant and Undergrad Mentor Angela talks scholars Rosalina and Deana through their design process. And... their proud results!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mural(S) project at Brookdale Hospital!

The Sr. Illustration students in Jaime Arredondo's class on their way to Brookdale Hospital. FYI: VERY long trip.

Preparing for our tour of the hallways we'll be working on.

Measuring out one of the SEVERAL walls we'll try to have done for the pediatric center at Brookdale Hospital.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting ready for SAT Prep

On Saturday Febrary 27, after their morning art/design class, Parsons Scholars Juniors prepared for their upcoming 8-week SAT prep course with a diagnostic test.

The course will be given by A-List, which was founded in 2005 by Ivy League graduates who believe in establishing a unique brand of teaching through dynamic educational services.

A-List works closely with local community organizations and nationally recognized nonprofit organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, Graham-Windham, the Harlem Children's Zone and Year Up. They have also worked with students from all over the North Eastern United States and also from as far afield as London, Paris, and Hong Kong.
We look forward to an exciting and productive semester with great results!