Saturday, October 10, 2009

On Saturday, October 10, the coordinator of the 2011 Scholars, Nadia Williams, gave a presentation to her group on the non-profit organization, Fabrica Social, which she co-found. The Mexican nonprofit organization aims to empower groups of indigenous female artisans and thus improve their quality of life by providing them with sustainable design skills that complement their traditional artisan techniques. The goal is to preserve the traditional techniques while creating new designs, allowing the artisans to create a living independently.

Nadia speaks to the group and Rosalina tries on a bracelet.

Deana checks out the pattern!

Aaminah (above) and Brihanna check out the great colors on the textiles.

Jessy-Jo and Mei check out the samples while undergraduate Mentor, Luis, takes a close up look (below)!

Thanks Nadia!

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